Friday, September 4, 2015

The Tilly - and upsize and all kinds of additions

I hear you. I promise I do. You so politely ask for upsizes and tutorials and modifications. Over and over again. I promise I hear you.

I also promise that I don't ignore you! But the truth of the matter is that the upsizes and additions require as much work as a new pattern does for me, and we all know I am not quick with those. Oops. Slow and steady winds the race, right?

Well, hopefully this post will make you happy when I reveal that a long-standing BG favorite, the Tilly, just got a major overhaul. So mush so that in some of the views if it wasn't for her tell-tale square neck, you may not recognize her.

Because when you look at her open back like this...(can we all please have a moment to wonder HOW IN THE WORLD my Louisa is not this little anymore?)

You may not believe this is the same pattern.

Or what about this one?

Yep...all Tillys. Promise. Because you see, I love a good renovation. And that is just exactly what happened to one of BG's faves. The Tilly went from having 4 sizes and one back option to 8 sizes, 4 back options, 2 sleeves and 2 lengths. Wow.

For sizing, Tilly now offers: 6-12 months, 12-18 months, 2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8, 10 and 12. The pattern now also includes a detailed sizing chart (that can be seen here). I decided to keep the smaller sizes split since this is one of those patterns that you can adjust sizing by pulling the back in more or less, allowing adjustments to be made over time so that Tilly grows with your child as well. Because as we saw above, they grow. And it happens in the blink of an eye!

As for the beautiful back of the Tilly, here is what she now offers:

  • View A - your traditional Tilly with an open back. This is the original, but with the option of curving the back like the Bay dress.
  • View B - a flap-back top/dress for those who still want the option of it being an open back for the breeze, but without skin showing to provide for more coverage for modesty and also school dress codes. :) You can choose to curve the back of this one as well.
  • View C -  quite possibly the most requested ever. Like ever. A completely closed back Tilly with a placket cut into the skirt to allow for more ease on and off. 
And for the sleeves. You have all shown me how beautiful the Tilly is with a flutter sleeve. And who doesn't love a flutter? Seriously. So, the new Tilly has a drafted flutter sleeve with a tutorial in the back for a Super Flutter, something I like to do to give a flutter a whole lot of bang. And lately I have been crushing on a cap sleeve, so I added a drafted cap sleeve to the pattern as well. So, make her sleeveless, fluttered or be the designer. :)

Oh and another very popular request...Tilly now offers a top length AND a dress length. Again, you all showed me how beautiful Tilly was as a dress. And I almost forgot...the seams are enclosed and there are instructions for functional buttons. See, I listen I promise!!

So, thank you ladies for asking and being patient and showing me all the beautiful ways a Tilly could be. And now...the Tilly just got a little dangerous. Who's going to be my math whiz and count the combinations? I am still working on my coffee. ;)

Now, you may be asking how this new Tilly will work in the shop. Y'all, I tried to make it just an upsize like I have with other patterns in the past but to be honest, there was no way. So, the new Tilly pattern will debut in my shop ON MY BIRTHDAY (9/4/2015) as a new pattern. I know that money doesn't grow on trees, and that many of you would rather poke my eyeballs than to pay for a pattern you already have. I get that. So, in an effort to meet everyone in the middle and hopefully not get tar and feathered...Tilly will be at a reduced price for 3 days. So, on 9/7/2015 the Tilly will go back to regular price (To clarify, Tilly will be listed for $3 Friday to Sunday). And guess what ladies...I am also celebrating my birthday this weekend with a coupon code. So, that reduced price will be an additional 25% off with the code HAPPYBDAY. Seriously. So, head to my Etsy shop, grab her early and grab her quick. And blow my mind with your awesome combinations. I know you can do it! :)

XOXO - Amy

PS - and in case you missed that...use the code HAPPYBDAY until midnight EST on Monday 9/7/2015 for 25% off your total order in the Etsy shop. Happy sewing ladies!


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