Friday, September 19, 2014

cricket sew along debriefing

okay ladies - as promised. here is a post dedicated to more info about the upcoming cricket sew along!

as i usually do with a sew along, i will be showing you 2 different ways to make the cricket. both involve an elastic waist. this gives the dress a bit of a different look so that you can fill you little girl's wardrobe with crickets - but still have some variety. :)

  • the first look has elastic sewn to the actual dress, which is perfect for a lighter weight fabric with a bit more give and drape. with this construction i also show you how to make it without the lining, and instead using a facing so that the lining doesn't add extra weight to the middle of the dress that would prevent it from gathering so well with the elastic. for this dress - i used a polyester blend that i found at hobby lobby (i just looked to see if it was online but i couldn't find it). it feels so much like a rayon challis to me. it was a pain in in rear end to sew but holy smokes - it drapes like it has no other purpose in the world. this fabric MADE this cricket. the sleeves. oh my dear heavens!!! i added a belt to this one just to go over the elastic in the waist because lou has been begging me for a "grown up girl" dress with a belt. 

 let me be completely honest here. there have been many times when i was jealous over my child's wardrobe. this is totally one of those. but it is also bittersweet because usually while i am jealous, i am like, "nah...i can't wear that. it is completely age appropriate for her but people would be snapping pictures of me and posting things about a crazy lady in athens if i wore it." this time...that isn't the case. i could totally wear that dress and be okay with it. it means my little girl is growing up. sniff. but let me borrow your dress. haha. 

  • the second look is inspired by one of louisa's fave dresses i made her from a cali faye pattern. she loves this dress because of the bow. it is the sunny mae dress. i adore CFC. seriously if you haven't tried one of her patterns yet, you so should. the designer behind it is also adorable.

anyways - i wanted to figure out a way to make the cricket have this adorable bow too. so with the second look i will show you how to use the lining of the dress to make a casing for your elastic and an opening in case your little girl loves a bow too. this is perfect for a quilters cotton, voile or even knit. for this particular dress i used an art gallery knit (plumage knit in apricot) that i swear feels like a pair of the most comfortable pajamas. art gallery is hands-down the best for soft, awesome feeling fabrics. 

louisa looks so much like my grandmother in this picture that i catch myself staring at her profile. this is the same grandmother that taught me so much of what i know today about sewing. i find it fitting for lou to favor her, here's hoping she will be the 5th generation to sew!

so, those are the 2 looks we will be shooting for with the sew along. i haven't separated all the steps into days just yet, but here is a general schedule:
      • sunday 9/28 - BUY your pattern at a discount, in case you don't already have it. i will have it in the shop discounted until midnight EST.
      • monday 9/29 - friday 10/3 - the sew along. i will post each day a series of steps to construct our crickets. since this is just a sew along, many times i will reference the pattern. for example, i may say, finish construction as indicated on page 15 of tutorial. so, the pattern is kinda a must-have. :)
      • friday 10/3 - sunday 10/12 - i will start an album on the brownie-goose lovers group on facebook. this is where you will upload your creations to be entered into the giveaway. only photos in the album will be entered to win, so make sure to put them in the right spot!
      • monday 10/4 - i will announce TWO winners chosen randomly from the album to win 2 BG patterns of choice AND $25 gift certificate to hawthorne threads. eeeeeeeeeeks!

now, for those of you holding out for the pattern sale but wanting to shop for fabrics. here is a list of materials you may need. also, the pattern includes a tutorial on how to add/subtract length to the hem and also how to add/subtract length from the sleeve so that you can pull a 3/4 sleeve. (that is what i did with the blue one for lou.)

the only additional items/changes you will need will be:
  • elastic for the waistband. for both views 1 and 2 i suggest elastic that is about 3/8" to 1/2".  i am a firm believer in stretch rite elastic. trust me. i wish i could say they paid me to say that. haha.
  • sometimes i like to add about 2" to the hem of the dress when placing elastic on the waist. this is not a must have, but you know i like my dresses short...and when you add the waist it will make it just a smidgen shorter, so if you want to - account for about 2" more for the hem.
  • depending on which view you use, you may or may not need the lining.

i hope this helps out some! for those fabric shopping, grab some voile or some knit!!! or go for it and grab some rayon challis. you may cuss me when sewing, but when the dress is finished you will be sooooo glad. trust me, i was there 2 weeks ago. ;)

any other questions - holler at me either via email or in the brownie-goose lovers group. chances are someone else may have the same question!

and i know not everyone will be able to participate due to jobs, life, schedules, etc. and this makes me sad BUT i always leave the sew along links up in the top of my blog. seriously, go check it out. you may find some awesome lazy susan and pepper sew alongs already there!

peace out and GO DAWGS ladies!! enjoy your weekends.

xoxo - amy

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Wow these are some great design inspiration for my daughters clothes! i love the purple dress and those high-ankle boots go so well with the dress!