Sunday, August 24, 2014

the Hattie...revisited.

hey ladies - i bet half of you thought i had fallen off the face of the earth. well, turns out i haven't, i have just been SUPER shady lately and buried in a kitchen renovation, back to school, bundleUP boys patterns (have you gotten yours yet? you should!!) and various other things that have kept me quiet. and for those of you that know me by know that when the girl behind BG is quiet, she is usually up to no good. ;)

this time it is no different. with fall right around the corner i decided to pay a visit to one of my most favorite BG patterns of all time...the Hattie.

okay, i am giggling over the stinky nose/duck face pose. louisa no longer loves photo shoots like she used to. there once was a time i could bribe her with a single sticker...her taste has gotten more expensive as the years go on. :/

every detail of this pattern makes my heart pitter patter. well, over the years you have asked for split sizing, a smaller neck and a more consistent sleeve. so, you know the term...ask and ye shall receive!

so, hattie has been revamped. i have split the sizes and she is now sized 6-12 mo, 18 mo, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 and 12. i have drafted it as a long sleeve, but have included a tutorial in the pattern on how to add/remove length to/from the sleeve in case you wanted to go with a 3/4 sleeve, which is just as fantastic. the hattie is still drafted as a dress and a tunic so you can get more looks from just one pattern, and there is also a tutorial for how to add/remove length from the hem in case the Brady Bunch hemline isn't your fave. 

now, with this all said - i cannot do a simple upsize in my etsy shop like i ususally do when i upsize a pattern since this entire pattern was redrafted. so, i thought and thought and thought and then used the brains of some of my fellow designer friends as to how i should handle this revamp. so, this is how it will work. for 48 hours ONLY the brand new hattie will be in my shop for $4. that is 55% off the retail price. this allows those that already have the hattie and want to upgrade to be able to do so, while those that may not already have it get to luck out. 

so y'all, please spread this around as facebook hasn't been very consistent for my promotions lately. grab your hattie for the first time or the second, and sew away this fall!

again, to lay it all out there:
the BG hattie is new and improved and only $4 from now until tuesday, august 26 at 6 pm EST. 

get this while you can and spread the word around!!!

thanks again geese - i have a lot planned for this fall and hope to be able to accomplish the most of it. :)


Jan said...

awesome!!! hattie is one of my top the new hattie it is!

Unknown said...

++++++++++++++++++---------------------Love the Hattie, so I will be getting the updated one. :)

Unknown said...

It's my favorite : )

Unknown said...

We bought ours - what a deal!!! AWESOME...can't wait to sew it!!

Jenn said...

Oh! Mixed feelings about this post...first the 'bad'...I just saw this post and would have loved to get in on the $4 the 'good'...YAY!! My customers love the Hattie and these changes sound wonderful! Thanks!