Monday, April 22, 2013

Materials Needed and Sizing Charts

Click on the pattern name for a list of materials needed and a sizing chart. I am currently working to get all of the patterns listed here with the information. Thanks for being so patient!

Allie Oop top & dress

Bay dress & top

Betsy's Dress

Butler Britches

Cricket dress/tunic

Darby Shorts
Hattie dress/tunic

Henry/Henrietta Pant

Junie Dress 

Lake Dress  

Lazy Susan

Lennon Blouse & Dress

Lily Rufflers

Lola Bells 

Lottie Skirt

Luna Dress

Pepper's Dress

Seaside Shorts 

Sleepy Jeans

Summer Sailors 

Tilly Top & Dress 


Jenn said...

I don't see the size chart for Betsy's dress on you have it? Thanks, Jenn

Lynn said...

Hello! Is the Nelle size chart the same as the Betsy size chart? I don't see Nelle in this list. Thank you! Jenn ♥

Majestic VIP Limos said...

Thanks for sharing the size chart details.
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