Friday, January 25, 2013

the Lake dress - a new pattern release!

well hello there blog, fancy seeing you here. it has been a few months. :)

my 2 month holiday was great! i enjoyed being lazy careless unplugged laid back away from the computer, the emails and the drafting/grading for a bit. what i didn't tell you before my holiday was that i was burnt out. major. i even had thoughts of quitting. so, holiday could not have come at a better time for me and my family for me to learn that i do actually love what i do, i just need to be better at self discipline and exhibit more self control about how i manage my time with BG. so, here goes. :)

my first few days back in the sewing room were wonderful. i spent time sewing for my kiddos, working on some house projects and things such as that. then, i dove into a new pattern. the lake dress. this dress debuted on my dock of the bay collection last year and was a huge hit! truth be told, i was excited about drafting this one because basically it is the hattie without sleeves. HOWEVER, the hattie whooped me a new rear end when it came to drafting and after working on that pattern over and over and over again, i decided that with the lake dress, i was going to start at square one. so much for taking the easy approach. BUT, in the end...i am so glad i went back to the drawing/sloping boards and started anew since the lake is a fantastic fit. pretty much exactly how i envisioned it. so yay!

after i told myself i'd rather poke out my own eyeballs than to publish a pattern with options again (hello 1,493 page henry/henrietta, just isn't that many pages, but close) i somehow had a moment of not only poking my own eyeballs but amazingly doing that while having my fingers in my ears not listening to myself as well because the lake dress has options. :) fabulous options if i do say so myself.

she can be a flat front dress with or without fabulous military-inspired tabs...

she can have a pleated front (oh i do love pleat) for some dimension...

she can rock some shoulder tabs to display buttons...

and she can either have some sweet ole flutter sleeves, because who doesn't love a flutter? i am a huge fan of the flutter.

mix and match and have a blast with this one. my awesome testers sure did!

This next one makes me smile each and every time. Love this kiddo.

oh my...did i forget to mention, she also has inseam pockets. eeeeeeeeps!

and now for the details. this new pattern will debut in my shop on monday january 28th. and the best news...i am teaming up with HBfabrics again because who doesn't love a good fabric sale? not to mention hilary has those fabulous yarn-dyed linens and chambrays from robert kaufman that make my patterns look like a million bucks. eeeeeeks.

so, hit up my etsy shop on monday for a new pattern! and, if you buy the lake dress in the first 3 days (so before wednesday at midnight) you will get a separate email from me with a coupon code valid at HBfabrics to discount your order. now, i don't know about yall...but that sure makes me do the jig to start the weekend!

happy weekend geese!


Unknown said...

Sheelin's Closet will NEED this!!!

Kathy said...

Awesome! My Niece, Lake, will be loving a dress made from this pattern, from some yarndyed Kaufman fabric bought on sale! Woot!