Friday, November 23, 2012

cyber monday sale!

while on holiday...i really, really enjoyed shopping some black friday sales on patterns today. i really, really (really, really, really) wanted to enjoy some black friday fabric sales too - but i was a good girl. it was hard, but i held strong. :)

while shopping and reading up on everyone's sales - i realized that BG needed to participate as well. i knew today wouldn't work, mostly because the hubby and i had DIY projects up to our ears to work on and i knew better than to distract myself with the etsy store. so instead, i decided to participate in cyber monday sales for all of you fabulous ladies that will be surfing the net on monday scoring some deals and steals.

so, on monday november 26th (which also happens to be my dad's birthday, happy birthday dad!) i will open the shop WITH a coupon code. rock on, right? i will be closing it back down at midnight so i can get back to holiday and getting my house in order (i mean really, i moved 6 months ago these boxes need to GO). but, enjoy shopping and instant downloads! the coupon code will not be valid on bundles, so i will be deactivating those for the sale.

hope to see you on monday! use the code CYBER25 to enjoy 25% off your total order. yippee hooray!

thanks again ladies, love you all and hope your holidays are and were full of love, family and good food (oh, and wagging doggy tails in anticipation of doggy plates).

the girl behind BG and brownie and goose. :)

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Unknown said...

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