Thursday, December 29, 2011

the last of the sapphires

oh dear sapphire nelle...

you have by FAR been one of the biggest hits of the daydream believer line. and why not? your beautiful maize color paired with sapphire buttons and lace just make you irresistible. but as i sit to sew my very last sapphire nelle today (let's count them...19 yards of fabric for this beauty, phew) i hope that somewhere in there my sweet louisa has one since i just cannot stand how much i love this dress on her.

so, tonight is your last chance at a BG sapphire nelle. i will be uploading them to my big cartel store this evening around 8 pm CST.

need a refresher on the sizing info?

so, once again...the last of the sapphires going in the cartel tonight at 8 pm CST. be there.

oh, and for those of you out there that love to sew should be excited. i will be sewing my last sapphire with camera in-hand. what that means to you is that there WILL be a pattern to come soon. not in the next week though, as my head is currently spinning with all that needs to be sewn for daydream to get all the inventory out so i can play with my new fabrics. :)

and for those that may not grab a worries. the girl behind BG happens to love the nelle so much that she might end up a staple on the lines. :)

i have more daydream believer to come. stay tuned for more info. also, i wanted to give the option for those of you shopping tonight, if you want more of the daydream and don't mind can shoot me an email to HOLD your order and ship it all at once so you don't have to pay shipping multiple times. or, if you are like me and tend to be an instant gratification kind of girl - it will be going out tomorrow. :)

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Designer Mumma said...

OMG I can't wait for the Sapphire pattern, a dream come true xx Here's to hoping I can get a Brownie-Goose original for my little Miss though xx