Monday, June 27, 2011


okay girls, you know how much i love to share cute stuff and some other momma talent. in fact, i have been referred to in the past as a bad influence for the bank account. hehe. :)

well, today is no different. i have more to share, and luckily for all of you...she is hosting a give-away.

i want you to meet erin of easely erin. this girl is uber talented. i mean, like full of talent. i don't know if you recognize her name or not...but she is the brilliance behind my new logo (well, new about a year ago). she came up with the idea of that sweet little brown goose that you see on my logos. pure genius. well, not only is she a whiz in the graphics design department...but she also sews. and she makes some fine-looking stuff. i drool over her bags daily.

i have known erin since elementary school. i knew her then as 'ubin spoon' a nickname that i still find myself calling her. we grew up in savannah together and found each other again through the wonderful world of facebook. she has become one of my good sewing buddies over time and i know that i can shoot her an email in the wee hours venting about some stupid thing my machines or doing or what-not. she is also a huge animal lover, which you all know how much i think that says about someone's character.

but, it is now time for you to meet her. here you go.

Wondering about Easely Erin? Well, it isn’t misspelled… EASELY comes from Erin’s background as an artist. Not just an artist in a specific genre of mediums either. With a BFA from the University of Georgia in painting and drawing, and then a resume full of graphic designer positions to marketing positions, Erin is now being creative at home with her two sons. Being a stay-at-home mommy to one year old Huck and two year old Elton has given her some time during naps to learn how to sew and find ways to let her creativity escape! Easely Erin was started with hand-made doggy snuggle pillows out of her love for animals and then blossomed into original handbags, totes, pouches and other goodies. She’s always brewing new ideas. Right now it’s handbags, but who knows what kind of creative goodness will eventually be shared with her loyal customers through Facebook and Etsy. For stories of how she got started and tons of fun photos of projects that she does outside of making handbags, check out her blog:

one of the things i love about this girl...her brain works like mine. she, too has a problem sleeping at night with all the ideas brewing and going on. we giggle together about sitting up in bed and grabbing a pen and paper to jot things down as they come up. it's funny in our own warped, creative way. :)

well, now on to the give-away fun! you see, she is so organized that it is all contained in one beautimus graphic.

got that? like her on facebook, if you haven't already. here, she will post updates about the give-away and what all is at stake. but, you must make haste...the first give-away will be on WEDNESDAY!! i mean, i don't know about you...but i NEED that chickadee bag. for real. or maybe that is just the bag-lady in me talking.

so, get on over to Easely Erin on facebook!!

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Erin said...

:) You are the bomb! And so is BG!