Tuesday, March 1, 2011

winners....where are you?

okay, the previous post i announced the 2 winners for the molly blossom give-away. however, these 2 winners have not contacted molly blossom yet for their goodies. once again, the winners are:

winner of the custom ear buds is comment #9 tbl182004, who wrote, "The Molly Bag and Blossom Padded Stripey Tote are my favorites!!!! Everything is gorgeous!!!"

winner of the custom sadie is comment #54 jamie, who wrote, "Love the Molly bag. There isn't a bag out there that cute that would work for a Mom of three. LOVE!!

you have until 7 pm TONIGHT to contact Molly Blossom via her etsy store (link here), or there will be a re-draw. if you have any questions, email me @ browniegoose at hotmail dot com.

thanks again...you REALLY don't want to miss this, trust me!


Amanda Jones said...

Oh I'm right here!!! Do you need my mailing info???
LOL.....For real. I commented first so it's only fair, I WIN!!

Kosek Landing said...

Redraw please!!!