Wednesday, July 28, 2010

giving back, with a *small* spoiler

okay, just to update...i am moving a little slower than expected with my fall line. i haven't been feeling so hot lately, which has really, really decreased my time in the sewing room. but, my super fantabulous photographer katie stafford is being uber-flexible with me in shooting for the fall line. so, i will be taking orders in september, but i just don't know if it will be the first week or not. also, i am still gung-ho for the lottery system, but still trying to figure out how to work that. all that being sounds like i am uber organized, huh. geeze.

but, on another note...for those that remember my "40 days to help the strays" and what became of it i had forgotten how GOOD it felt to so something good for others. in this case, my most favorite cause...animals. well, the day that i dropped off the check at CARA, i knew that i wanted to do more. and since my husband wasn't real keen on the idea of me taking in half of the sweet doggies that gave me the pitiful stare, i knew it had to be monetary again. so, what better way that with BG? initially when i started BG i wanted to somehow incorporate money to give to an animal shelter, but it started in such a whirl-wind that it kinda crept away without me. well, no more. for those that may or may not know, i am kinda crazy when it comes to my animals. they are my children. i love them more than anything, in fact brownie-goose is named after my two labradors. so, what more fitting? right.

well, i stewed and i stewed and i stewed over what i could do to generate some extra funds to donate to CARA. i finally came up with the idea of having a certain appliqued shirt that would be specified to this orginization. well, then i stewed and i stewed over the perfect applique. i wanted something that showed my devotion as well as everyone else's that helps out with CARA. i didn't want to just put a dog on a shirt or a paw-print, so one night it hit me. i had the PERFECT idea. then, it took quite some researching and sketching to get it just right. well, it still isn't perfect...but i am no artist, and it captures the EXACT moment that i wanted. in fact, just looking at this applique makes my heart smile.

how about yours? is there a warmer-fuzzier feeling that a kid with his/her best friend sitting on a dock looking out at forever? i hope i am not getting too mushy here, but this shirt sums up to me what CARA is. loving animals and giving everything you've got to help them. the ladies that i met that day at CARA had sacrificed so much to help these animals that mostly are homeless and out on the streets with no thanks to other human being's ignorance. okay, i will stop there before i get all on my soap box.

of course i had to design something that wasn't easy on the machine and involved layers, but what the hey? how else would we swing it here at BG? i haven't worked out all the logistics and prices and such like that, but a certain amount from each purchase of this shirt which will be known as "man's best friend" will go straight to CARA. so, i hope all of my BG fans out there support this one and will purchase this applique to help all of the sweet, innocent animals out there who unfortunately cannot take up residence in my house due to the hubby.

just a small spoiler, but i couldn't hold this one in. i am so proud of it and so excited to see what comes of it! more later as i try to get my bootay in gear.


Megan said...

I love it! Awesome, Braelyn loves her doggies and this would just be perfect. Great design!

Hilary said...

I love are so talented!!!

Jenna said...

Love this! Makes me wish my Stella would actually sit in peace--but it's just not her style. Our lab would sit quietly by your side for hours though!