Saturday, July 23, 2011

showing some love for the BG originals

okay, confession...if you are looking at the blog tonight, you can see i am trying to catch up. lawdy goodness. so, while i am trying to spruce it all up and have it all fancy and working before daydream believer i thought i would take a moment and post some of the BG originals that have crossed my machines as of late.

the darby short. oh dear me, i just love this one. you simply cannot go wrong with a bubble short in the summertime. and this pattern is available in my etsy shop and has been flying off the shelves! it is shown here with the wednesday tank, another BG original.

oooh, and nelle. i haven't made one of these in a while, but looking at the picture - methinks i need to. i forgot how feminine and old school she is. oh, just loves.

but my ABSOLUTE newest fave and obsession...the penny lane. i think she speaks for herself. :) i even made myself one. swooooooooooon.

now, how's that for catching up. another thing crossed off the step closer to starting daydream believer. eeeeks!

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