Saturday, July 16, 2011


okay, this is something i have been wanting to do for quite some time. and i have been putting it off for various reasons, and i realized the other day... i only have a year left here in jackson, and time is going to i just need to get my feet wet and go with it.

byron has been wanting me to teach sewing classes so bad he cannot stand it. i have been steady holding my ground though. honestly, it overwhelms the snot out of me. i know how to sew, i know how to fix things when they go wrong (ahem, jerry-rig right phoebs?) and i know how to do things the way i want and the way it works best for me. however, those ways aren't always the 'right' ways and i don't always do the best job of explaining. not to mention my patience level is pretty much null and void. so, sewing lessons from BG are still a no-no.

however, i still LOVE to sew with friends. so, how to find a good balance??

with top stitchers

what you may ask? well, top stitchers is gonna be kinda like an open mic night...with no mic. it will be bring your own sewing machine, fabric, project, notions, extension cord, etc. and come and have fun. kinda like a modern-day sewing club...but not really a club. there will be no dues and no rules (unless i have some hooligans up in here, hehe). growing up, my mom had knitting night with her girl friends and i can remember spying on them in the hallway and watching them have so much fun. and i want to do that too. so, here we go.

now, let me just go ahead and put it out there...these nights will NOT be perfect. these are things i cannot guarantee:

i cannot guarantee that...
  • my chirrens will cooperate at all
  • my husband will be home to help with the hooligan/chirrens
  • i wont say bad words or throw temper tantrums
  • my tabby cat wont try to lay all over your fabric or run off with your measuring tape
  • my labradors wont try to snuggle with you and lay on your sewing foot
  • there will be proper house is DARK, and the lighting is pitiful
  • that we wont blow a breaker and if said hubby isn't home...i have NO clue what to do with that electrical box
  • i wont teach you how to jerry-rig
  • i wont sing out of tune to a song that may or may not be playing on pandora
  • we will have enough room
  • my iron wont have an 'accident' all over your fabric (it likes to tinkle on things)
  • my house will be clean or that you can walk in my sewing room without making a path with your feet first
  • that i will have showered that day (oops)
  • if you stand still too long i wont try to serge you or topstitch you, tendencies in my sewing methods
  • anything will actually get done :)
  • etc, etc, etc.
so, who's in?

i don't have a date set for the first night yet, but this will all be very informal! either eat before you come, eat on the way or bring your dinner (just remember...those labradors may beg). feel free to bring your own beverage (i will not be providing any food or drink...i will provide a potty, but it may/may not be clean...see 'rules' above) and we will have a good time.

this is NOT a sewing lesson. however, i can almost guarantee you will leave knowing something new. one thing i love about sewing with others is that everyone has their own way of doing things, and when we all sew together...we learn from each other. this will not be organized sewing. meaning we will not all be sewing the same item. bring whatever you are working on and come for the chit-chat and fun.

space is limited, so i will only take about 4-5 people per each night. when i set a date, email me and the first 4-5 to email have a spot. sound good? as i said...informal as they come! also don't know times just yet. it would be great if i can work it on a night byron gets home at a decent time so i can have dinner and kiddos squared away ahead of time!

when you do come, this is what you need:

sewing machine
project & all included notions (scissors, thread, also may be great if you can already have it all cut since cutting space may be limited)
extension cord, just a house-hold one...not one of those big orange ones (unless you plan on sewing in lou's playhouse)

oh my, i am so excited! i am leaving tomorrow to go on a beach/sewing trip with one of my besties and when i get back i will look at my schedule to see when a good night will be and announce on here and facebook. anyone else getting pumped???

UPDATE: i came up with something i thought would make me smile even more than sewing with cool peeps...i may do something like have everyone bring a can of dog or cat food (depending on the need at the time) for donation for CARA. is everyone cool with that? you all know how much i love my 4-legged babes.


Katie P said...

Ok so now I just need to find someone to give me some lessons and I can join! Lol....

kimsmith76 said...

can I just come and drink wine and chat? I no nothing of sewing, but I can drink a mean bottle of wine and entertain the snot out of you!

shine on said...

I am merely a beginner, but I would LOVE to participate. If nothing else but to watch and learn! Great idea!

Kathy said...

I can sew, teach, and entertain! And I'm one mean babysitter if Byron isn't home! Just be sure you would appreciate a 53 y/o grandmother of 2 sewing with you.

Did I mention that I put myself through college the 2nd time sewing brides-maids dresses, and I made one of my best friend's wedding dress as well as her son's curtains, dust ruffles, and duvet's? I also turn a mean hand to baby bed furnishings! Not bragging or anything - just sayin'!

Jenna said...

Mmmkay, so I totally want to come! Why do I have to live in Laurel and have a child that goes to bed at 6:30???? Maybe Fancy and I can both come and we can just hang out with Nash and the fabulous Miss Lou....

Kosek Landing said...

count me in...

B said...

Sounds so fun!! Sad we just moved away....oh, and I don't know how to sew!

Anonymous said...

Aw, too bad I live too far away!!

Amanda Jones said...

I'm in too, but I really might make you say a bad word.....I need lots of assistance!

shine on said...

Just following up on this :) i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to participate! a sewing group would be a fantastical asset to my non-existent social life. (P.S. i am a friend of Katie Stafford, not a random person that will stalk you).