Friday, October 8, 2010


okay, okay....enough of the html coding for me for the week. my eyes are crossing and my head is spinning! finally got most of the fall stuff up (minus a few photos, so bear with my super-amateur photos that are up next to katie's!) and ready for ordering for those that won the lottery. all of the new stuff is located under the "BG get your fall on" tab at the top of this page. please note that the fabric paint by numbers is a first-come-first-serve basis.

please see all the info about ordering before you place an order. remember...only 4 items per "winner." this mean 4 separate articles of clothing. the accessories like the windy day scarf and the bg blossom will not count against your 4 articles.

i will be working on these orders as quickly as i can get them out. a few people have already contacted me about dates that they have set up for photography and such, so if you have a date - please include that in your email and i will TRY MY HARDEST to get your order to you in that time. however, my family comes first...and so i cannot make any guarantees. with emails, i am honest - i get slack. there is only so much of sitting down to my inbox that i can do at one time, the toddler is not very cooperative in this process. so, bear with me on that one and when my inbox gets crazy...sometimes it takes me a bit to get back to you. however, if it has been more than a few days since you FIRST contact me and you haven't heard back, please make sure i got your email. i ALWAYS check the email feeds from customers before i start on the orders, so if there is something that i feel is missing, i will contact you about that before starting. :)

thanks again for everyone's support - and check out the new tab for BG originals...something new and exciting in the works!

as always - you are the most awesome customers i could have and i appreciate everyone's understanding, patience and support! keep on rocking the house girls!

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