Tuesday, April 22, 2014

bundles and patterns and contests, oh my!

so, unless you are like me and tend to live with your head in the sand, you've probably seen some of the news in the PDF community lately about pattern bundles. it's really a fantastic idea when you think about it. not only are you offered PDF sewing patterns at a huge discount, but you are also introduced to some designers that you maybe have never tried before. that may be my personal fave about a bundle as i find i learn so much more about sewing, technique, trouble-shooting and short-cuts when i sew a pattern from another designer. it follows the age-old saying (as the huge animal-lover that i am, i have a hard time saying it) that there are many ways to skin a cat. same thing in the sewing world. there are many ways to sew, construct, finish and accessorize a garment and the more exposed you stay - the more you know. :)

with all of that said - i have some great news for you. brownie-goose was asked to be part of a group of amazing designers (i must admit i was quite star struck) teaming up to bring you the 
first bundle from Bundle UP. 

this is a first time for brownie-goose and i must admit i am super excited. i was so excited that i decided to bring out the big guns with a pattern that makes me swoon each and every time i see it. 

meet the bay by BG. i like to say she's business in the front and party in the back.


dear mother of macaroni, that back. i wont even admit how many drafts it took to get it just right. :)

so, that my dears is BG's contribution to this fantastic first bundle from Bundle UP. but don't stop there - please treat yourself with all the awesomeness brought forth in this group of patterns for girls (word on the street is that the next bundle will be women's patterns - eeeeeeks!). this post on pattern revolution will tell you anything and everything you need to know about this bundle that goes live on april 26th. trust me. can you even stand the thought of these awesome patterns for less than $5 each!!??

well, i can't stand it, and i've got my eyes on some pretties. however, i am a very impatient person. i want everything yesterday. horribly impatient. in fact, waiting to spill the beans on this pattern and bundle was a very trying time for me. you see, i am also a terrible secret keeper when it comes to my own. you can tell me a secret and i will keep it just that, mostly because i will forget it. oops. but, my own secrets...man, they don't stand a chance! so this was a tough one. BUT for those of you that might be impatient like me, you have the chance to win this bundle before you can buy it. holy moles. so, head on over to pattern revolution to enter for your chance to win it before you can buy it. i might see you there. watch out though, i may swing some elbows to get my name in. :)

enough excitement for one day...but i will be back later in the week to tell you more about the bay to get you ready for it to hit the market. i am dying to show off all the tester photos!

gosh, i feel like a huge weight was just lifted. secret's out! phew.

-amy of BG


Elisa Clark said...

This pattern is just gorgeous!! Amazing!

Gina said...

Beautiful dress! Will you have the pattern available in your shop after the bundle sale?

Steve & Rebecca Ericson said...

I just found this pattern and would love to try it. I am also a pediatric nurse but have only made a handful of knot dresses for my sweet girl. Do you think this is something I could take on? I don't see a rating on how hard it is to sew. Thanks!!

Unknown said...

I would LOVE to know how to get this pattern!!! Please help!! Email at huffkn@yahoo.com or simplykyndra@gmail.com