Wednesday, September 4, 2013

pepper's dress

the newest pattern to join the world of BG pdfs - meet pepper and fall head over, i know i did.

where do i even start with this dress? maybe back last december when she was first sketched out. i was sitting on the porch with louisa and she was helping me plan some dresses. i love an asymmetric bodice, and when i drew one she informed me it would be prettier with some lace or a ruffle. smart child. it started as a sleeveless dress that i had all intentions of getting into drafts and having one made for her for easter. well...that was about the time that my spare time decided to run off with not only my cleaning lady but also the lawn man. humph. 

so, pepper was a little late to hit the drafting tables, but i am kind of glad she was. you see, since i was drafting her this summer...i realized that all of my aussie girls would love me with a sleeveless pattern coming out in the fall - but i thought that maybe if i added some sleeves, i could give this dress more versatility. well, i love to draft sleeves about as much as i love to poke out my own eyeballs, but one night in bed i dreamed of a pepper dress with long bell sleeves and i was hooked. i won't admit how long it took to draft those sleeves, but let's just say they make me so happy!
anyways, pepper. she is 2 patterns in 1, literally. there is a bodice for a sleeveless dress and then a separate bodice for a dress with long, bell sleeves. dress her up with lace, ruffles or piping on that fancy asymmetric bodice and you cannot go wrong. 
then, if you are feeling fancy...add in that back buttoned tab. hopefully it will make you smile like it does me.
oh, and for all of you that have little girls that feel the need to hoard collect stuff treasures in their pockets, this dress is perfect since it includes hidden inseam pockets.
and lately i have been on twirl patrol, and adding oh so much to the skirts of my dresses. because really, what girl doesn't like to twirl?
she comes in sizes from 6-12 months all the way up to a 12. and i might just have some fun tutorials/sew alongs up my sleeve for a jacket and a pleated skirt. but you know, that all depends on if my spare time ever decides to come home. 

have i convinced you yet? if about some tester awesomeness to steer you in the right direction.
 this little girl makes me smile. :)
 how cool is this little girl's momma for letting her play in the fountain? what better treat for a photo shoot!?
 i cannot stand the sweetness of these next 2. a girl and her daddy and then look at those sweet tootsies on her tippies!
check out all the detail in this one...swoon!
 i mean, can you hardly stand it? i can't. well girls, she is in my shop today. get her and love her and be excited for a dress for all seasons. :)

thanks again ladies for being so awesome. i heart you the most!


Chasingmermaids said...

fantastic unique pattern and a fun sew!!!! love love love

Jenn said...

Oh! I love this dress and all the versatility and I know my customers will too! They are loving the Hattie I have in my shop, so I'll definitely be giving this one a try if I can find time to work in another new listing! I wish i could just spend more time making new items! :)

Aimee said...

Just about to make my first Pepper, sleeveless as my girlies outfit to meet Nana off the plane after her 30h flight on Friday.
I have to say the idea of a little jacket styled on the bodice section is VERY exciting!

Unknown said...

Clean, pure and fresh, lovely, I can't find a better word to describe her.Is really like her, I felt overwhelmed, often for her daughter's dress thank you.
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