Saturday, July 13, 2013

introducing the seaside shorts

there once was a day that i was SO in love with the darby shorts i couldn't imagine anything would top them. and then i designed the summer sailors, and fell instantly head over heels. and it has become by far one of my best selling patterns and i never imagined it could be topped. ladies, i must say that my newest pattern, the seaside shorts have the sailors on a run for their money.

this short seriously just makes my day. it can be all serious and preppy with linen or seersucker, or it can be fun and playful in bright quilters cottons. it can also be so comfy and a go-to when constructed of knit or terry cloth. i mean...i heart it.

i often have people ask where i find inspiration for new patterns. this one came to me by mistake. honestly. funny story. i was going through my camera roll on my phone one night since my iphone has the worst storage capacity ever (i have a way with bad phones) and found this one that i must have accidentally taken while on the track at the YMCA one day. you ever do that? i do all the time switching from my run keeper to my music, i tend to accidentally call people then too. if you ever get a call and someone is huffing and puffing on the other end, don't worry your house is not about to be blown down, it is just me sweating out the crazies.

well, i saw it an giggled and was like, "aaaahahaha. that's silly and i totally busted myself drunk running (crossing the lines, hehe)." but then, as i continued to scroll i realized i must have taken more while i was trying to crunch away the baby (ahem, yeah he is 2 and a half, but who is counting) belly. because i found this one.

and BAM. it hit me. i loved the way the shorts curved on the side. i also loved the way that they were trimmed in bias. i went home and got to work. and i constructed a pair that literally made me swoon but had some issues. so, i worked out some kinks and constructed another pair that fit the bill even more and i was so excited. then, the shorts got buried in my disaster of a sewing room and then it flooded and all that fun jive. needless to say, about 2 months later i found the shorts and got back to the grading board. and that my dear geese is how the seasides came to be. not all accidents are bad. :)

anyways, i think you are gonna love these shorts! you can do so much with them as far as fabric combinations go and you know i love a button. well, guess can get creative there too! 

and all that bias trim, be not afraid my ladies! i have included a detailed photo tutorial on how to make your own. once you do it, you may never go back. it is so much easier than you think and it gives you so much flexibility in the sewing room, literally. haha.

and you know the girl behind BG wouldn't be happy if it wasn't covered in buttons and pockets. :) how about these sweet little faux-flappers? proven to make the cutest tooshies even cuter.

i also have given you the option to make a flat front short, or to make the elastic go all the way around the waist. how fun is that?

ps - did i mention i have seen some of these sewn up as capris? oooooh my gorsh.

and...i've seen them rocked in boy fabrics too! 

so, have i sold you yet? hope so! the seaside shorts will be hitting my etsy shop monday july 15. they include sizes 6-12 months up to size 12. i sure hope you love them! 

check out what my awesome testers did!

this right here is a girl after my own heart!

seasides on the seashore...swoon. wish those were my piggies in the sand!

can you even stand the cuteness! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeks. as always, a humongo thank you to my testers. you ladies help me more than you know it and i really, really appreciate it!

peace out until monday! i am working today to unpack my sewing room for the umpteenth time in the last few months. let's just say this time i opted to ex-nay the guest room in favor of my sewing room on a main level that wont flood!

PS - you may notice over the next few weeks my blog may change a bit. i am working on getting things organized and set up for sew alongs, tutorials, size charts (ask and you shall receive my awesome geese!) and guest bloggers with new techniques for your fave BG patterns. :)


O+M Designs said...

I am SOLD!!! Is it Monday yet!
I have always been in LOVE with this bias design on shorts! Can't wait to make some...
Thanks for making it easy to sew fabulousness!!!

socalfem said...

LOVE the Sailor shorts also, now I have another pair of shorts to LOVE !!!
I love working with bias tape so I'm looking forward to getting this pattern ASAP !

Thanks, Pam

MICHELLE said...

Thanks for going up to size 12!

Kim said...

I love these (and all of your designs) and would pair them with the Katie top!

Dana Lynne said...

love, love, love!!!!! totally wanna pair these up with a blondie top!!!!