Friday, November 30, 2012

a place for everything...

for those of you that may not know - i just recently did an out of state move. and when i say recently, i mean 6 months ago (but those are all just minor details, so who's really keeping time?). back in may, i had the task of packing up my sewing room. my lovely sewing room that my sweet husband renovated and added just for me. he thinks i am special. :) and for that, i loves him. well, i mastered the task of packing it all away in a matter of a day and was done with it. it went much easier than i had planned. 

now, 6 months later - i had the task of unpacking my sewing room. it did NOT go as easy or quick as i had planned. you see, one would think it would have been one of the first things to unpack since i do love it all so, but that was not the case. mostly because we didn't have space for it, and mostly because i didn't want my precious fabric covered in sheet rock and wood floor dust. upon a month of moving in, we took on an upstairs renovation that was a total gut job and took about 3 months. now we have a beautiful upstairs which houses both of the kids and all of their stuff (which is way more than one would ever think, and i still have some "stuff" in boxes in the basement which i think will just be donated at this point in time...we certainly haven't misssed it!). so, that cleared up some space for my "temporary sewing room." and by temporary, i mean for a few years. i bet yall are slowly catching on to how i define time periods. :) i started unpacking last week and just finished today and if i can sum it all up in one we go,

i never, ever, ever, ever, ever need to buy more fabric. 

hilary, if you see my name on a paypal invoice...i need you to be a good friend and intervene. ummkay?

oh my word. you see, not only did i unpack, but i changed up how i wanted my fabric organized. i no longer had the awesome shelves to keep it bolted like i did, so i found some awesome old peach crates (twist my arm to go junking and use byron's drill to construct something i can place on casters) and decided i would use fabric organizers instead. however, i almost fell out of my sewing chair (not to be confused with falling off a rocker) when i saw how expensive the fabric organizers ran. so instead, i took advantage of an over-abundance of empty cardboard boxes and set out to the daunting task of cutting over 100 9" x 12" rectangles to house my fabric. a few blisters and very, very dry hands later it worked. then, came the task of un-bolting it all to re-bolt. now, a few days into this project (yes, i said a few days) i realized that i had an over-abundance of fabric. it was out of control. but at the same time, it was SO exciting to me to see all the gorgeous fabric i had been hoarding collecting over the years. have i ever mentioned how much i love fabric?

well, i finally finished this morning. i never imagined it would take as much time as it did, but i also wanted it to be perfectly organized unlike my sewing room at the last house. i think i did a pretty good job, now let's just see how long it takes to mess it all up. :)

my very first clementine (yep, #1) watching over my stash to make sure those few OOPs that i am hoarding collecting stay in their place. :)

casters, old wood and linen...these are a few of my favorite things!

oh buttons, how i love thee and little red cottage who keeps me supplied. 

ps - can you believe that i think i even missed those darned ginghers? not privy on the reputation of these things? read all about them here, and only give them nice looks. trust me. 

what do you think? this sweet face was sure happy to help. :)


Katie Ryan said...

Dude! It looks amazing!! Great work!!

Brendan and Melissa said...

Love it! We move out this weekend - I had to say goodbye to my machines a couple weeks ago and how I miss them so! I cannot wait to get my new space up and running some day! (and will probably reference this little blog post when I do so ;) )

Kathy said...

wow, looks amazing!! Now, keep it that way!!! (LOL)

Michele Reed said...

awesome post...loving all your photographic of hoarding! ;) inspiring!!

Kasey McKay said...

i'm so jealous! what a great place to sew!

Cricket said...

I love the way that you have organized your fabrics!! Awesome!!!