Tuesday, May 1, 2012

what's going on

okay girls - wanted to take a moment to fill everyone in on what is happening in the world of BG for the moment. as you all know - you kicked booty when it came to dock of the bay upload. and i also made another big announcement on this blog about taking some time off to smell the roses. i have had bookoos of emails and facebook posts (when i can find them, timeline is killlllling me) asking about when to expect all of the patterns that will be published for dock of the bay. and here goes.

we are moving out of state in 2 weeks. we aren't moving directly into our athens house since we wont close on that one until the end of may, and close on our jackson house on the 15th. me, my kiddos, my labradors and a striped kitty will be moving in with my mother in law while byron hangs out in jackson to finish out his residency. thankfully, OH SO thankfully, we are having movers pack and move us. HOWEVER, i am in charge of packing my sewing room. smart move on the mover's part! so, this is how i have things planned. i cannot guarantee things will go as planned - but if all is right in the world, this is how it will go down.

this next week i will be doing all the sewing/photographing for the pattern pdf instructions. then, i will pack up my sewing room (sniff, sniff) and get the house somewhat ready for movers to come in and make sense of it all. then, while at my mother in law's, i HOPE to get working on all the drawings of the pattern pieces and construction of the pdfs. if this all goes as planned, i will have the patterns published and in the etsy store before we move on june 2. HOWEVER, i will have to close down my etsy store for a few days while moving and not having internet access.

now, we all know about the best-laid plans, so we shall see. :)

just a little update for you ladies and also please know that if you have emailed me and haven't heard back yet - i promise i am getting there. my email box is out of control right now and i am trying my darndest to tame it somewhat! i never realized how crazy it all gets before a move!

thanks girlys and i will put any/all updates on patterns on here or facebook!

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agoff7130 said...

You have your workload cut out for you girl!! I am sure everyone will be happy to give you the time you need to get moved because we all love your patterns. Don't worry we are patiently waiting. Good luck with your move, hope it goes smoothly.