Wednesday, January 18, 2012

when life hands you lemons...

you can make lemonade. OR, if you are like can make the lemonade dress.

OR if neither tickle your fancy, go get you some retail therapy and buy you a lemonade dress. (well, not completely true...she isn't for sale just yet) isn't she fabulous?

oh i just love her. and i am so glad too since it took me an embarrassing amount of hours to perfect her. you may or may not have seen my post on facebook where poor sandra dee was looking like a voodoo doll. i knew i wanted something different (imagine that) that would define the dress as a BG Original. i think i did good, huh?

i find myself swooning over her angel sleeves, the sweet neckline with a button flap and military-style tab all the way down to the soft a-line shape of the skirt and the cute little opening slit in the back. my size, please!

the lemonade dress will debut on the dock of the bay line. however, not in these fabrics. i have to give a huge thank you to meagan of the mean princess for the awesome eye in picking out that amazing blue fabric. she did a fabulous dress out of it (if you haven't seen it, please go drool yourself over her is amazing), and i knew i *needed* some too. on dock of the bay, lemonade dress will be just as fine...with a color combination that just might make you squeal for joy.

just a little teaser...before i shade out big time to finish the design-phase of dock of the bay. hope you likey. now to get to cleaning - showing in the house in a bit and i have learned that unfortunately a sewable sewing room does not equal a showable sewing room. fiddlesticks and gargamels.

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Designer Mumma said...

I <3 this dress so so so much xx I hope my internet will be fast enough to let me grab one when the time comes xx