Tuesday, September 27, 2011

daydream believer upload ONE

wow...so, here we go.

are you as nervous as i am?

okay kiddos. daydream believer's first upload happens TOMORROW. what is that?? oh yes, tomorrow, meaning

Wednesday, September 28 at 11:00 am CST

head on over to brownie-goose on big cartel (http://browniegoose.bigcartel.com) to get you some goodies.

up for grabs in the first upload are the sapphire nelle, the sleepy jean, the rusty nina tunic and the mocha penny lane. all of the sizing info you need on these 4 designs are below. the sapphire nelles will definitely make another appearance as will the sleepy jeans, but the sleepy jeans fabric is on back-order until november...so grab these while you can! as for more appearances from the mocha penny lane and the rusty ninas...we shall see...

UPDATE ON WAIST MEAS for sleepy jeans - the measurement is for relaxed elastic, like for instance i just stretched the 5's waist to 26"...does that make sense??

i am SO stinking excited about daydream believer you have no idea. it makes me so proud to see it all come together so well to know that months of planning, designing, grading, textile matching, etc. paid off. rock on BG. i have no idea how i will ever up-stage this line. but, i will damn sure try. :)

thanks again for always being so awesome and so supportive of me and my family and my little-bitty clothing line. knowing that so many amazing people have my back means the world to me.

now, back to the sewing room to start on the second upload...

and again....

Wednesday September 28 at 11:00 am CST check it, BG on big cartel. Don't be late. Or Square.

PS - don't forget, if you want local pick-up, enter SHIPFREE at check-out to avoid shipping charges.


Beth said...

Stunning, of course...would not expect anything less from such a talented designer. Love it all!

Kosek Landing said...

I just asked Kate what her favorite item was and she said the silver shoes with the little bows on them...ugh!

Guess I'm forced to decide between, perfect, adorable, and utterly precious all by myself!

11:00, 11:00, 11:00...don't forget Kim!