Wednesday, September 8, 2010

how to win the lottery

okay, i know the post title is a bit deceiving since i cannot guarantee it...shoot, i still am trying to win the "real" lottery. :)

okay, brownie-goose's Get Your Fall On is fast-approaching (finally, i know) and will be photographed on sunday by the amazing Mary Moment Photography. so, it wont be long until you all get to see what i have been up to lately!

Get Your Fall On has a vintage, retro and almost boho inspiration. i was sewing on the spring line and pandora'ing one day when this song came on and it hit me. i knew what i wanted the line to look like. i had an idea, and i knew that no one else would be going in that direction (or at least, i hoped not). as i listened to melanie sing:

"i rode my bicycle past your window last night, i roller skated to your door at daylight..."

i knew....the wheels started to turn, and then she wailed,

"well, i got a brand new pair of roller skates and you got a brand new key"

and the rest was history. my poor husband and child had to listen to the song play over and again, and me trying my best to impersonate it as i worked on designs that took me back to the beat, sound and feel of the song. okay, i am not the hippie that i am starting to sound like - but music speaks to me in a way that moves me. and that song did just that.

so, get you eyes ready to be full of some serious retro prints, colors and feel. the ruffle pants have transformed and are fuller and have a ruffle that just might bring you back (well, depending on generations here...not me, but i remember looking at pictures hehe) to the 60's and 70's. when you see the little girls walking around sporting their PRECIOUS and brownie-goose ORIGINAL lola bells, you will be looking for a flower headband and maybe slowing yourself down a bit. the colors in the fabrics are all so rich and the tones just prove to be eye-candy. the appliques have their own vintage spin as well - as i am going back in time and grabbing ideas from the way-back-whens and pulling it off with straight-edged appliques. i don't think you will be disappointed...and your child will definitely NOT be blending in to the crowd, the whole reason i started BG in the first place. i am very proud of this line as i have worked hard coming up with just the right feel and designing many of the patterns myself. if you want to get in the mood....try this out for yourself. turn it can't help but make you smile, and watch out - you just might get your dance on too.

now, for the more important task at hand. the lottery system. this is an idea that i came up with with help from some of my fantastic customers. the whole opening and closing of orders worked well for ME last season, but not so much for others. so - i wanted to make it as fair as i could. i need everyone to have as fair of a chance at ordering as the next person. as i say over and again...if i could sew for all of you - i WOULD. but, i am a mommy, wife and home-maker first and refuse to lose myself in my sewing room and neglect what is important in life.

so - starting now and ending midnight of this coming sunday, shoot me an email with the word "lottery" as the subject. DO NOT PUT ANY MATERIAL IN THE EMAIL other than your name. i will not be reading these emails, but simply applying a number to your name and email and then will use a website to pick a certain numbers that will in turn be the "lottery winners." another thing new this year - i will be putting a cap on orders. only 4 items allowed to lottery winners. sounds easy enough...right? we shall see, i sure hope so. as i said...please do not put any material in the emails such as sizing questions, ordering info, etc. also, you can only enter ONCE. please don't get sneaky and give me a few email addys, that wouldn't be fair.

as for the "winners" i will announce it maybe next monday or tuesday...depending on how the week goes - and i am guessing i will just post every one's names - or would that offend people if their name is on the internet?? just trying to get a feel.

so, shoot me an email at browniegoose (at) hotmail (dot) com with lottery as the subject and your name as the email. you have until midnight of this sunday. happy emailing!

thanks again for the continuous support, understanding, encouraging words and everything that you do. i am so fortunate to have some of the most amazing customers out there!

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