Friday, July 2, 2010

just a note

okay, i think there has been some confusion lately. although my website no longer says "orders closed" i am NOT currently taking orders. i am taking a little siesta as i have FINALLY finished spring/summer '10 and am slowly getting things ready for fall while also taking a little time for myself and family.

i will be doing something a little different for the fall line. it will debut about a week or so BEFORE i am taking orders. this is so that everyone will have a chance to get a look and figure out what they like before the craziness of opening orders happens. i have a fairly good idea now (i *think*) of how i am planning on doing order taking and such, and it is from ideas that i have collected from all of my awesome BG customers that gave me some input. hope that it works! i doubt that i will be able to take everyone's orders, since i just cannot imagine being able to sew that much all by myself in a limited amount of time, but we shall see.

just wanted to give everyone a head's up as i have gotten some emails with orders lately and also some emails wondering if i was since it didn't say "orders closed." in all honesty, i took it down when i re-designed the blog because it wasn't very pretty. ha! but, i will be having some work done on my site between now and the fall line and you may see something similar re-appear. thanks girls for being the most awesome customers i could imagine.

now....go enjoy your fourth of july!

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